Tattoo Removal
Smaxel (Smart Fractional CO2 Laser)


Fractional Smaxel CO² Laser represents the very best in anti-aging, with powerful results, less downtime, less discomfort, and rapid results. The tiny shafts of light produced by the machine penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, helping shrink existing collagen to make way for new collagen within the area. Consult with us now for a Smart, refreshing change!

Treatment Process

1. The treatment area will be cleansed.

2. After cleansing, a special scanner which causes microscopic skin punctures, is attached. During the treatment, patient may feel a sensation similar to minimal pricking of a thousand needles at once. 

3. A soothing and regenerating post-treatment cream will be applied afterwards and sunblock.

4. Patient is advised to avoid sun exposure for a minimum of two weeks.


- Loss of skin elasticity on face, neck, decolette, hands 

- Patchy skin and large pores

- Discolorations

- Eye wrinkes and crow's feet 

- Post-acne and post-operative scars

- Stretch marks

- Tenuity of skin on arms and stomach (after childbirth) 

Ideal Number of Sessions: Several depending on skin condition

Is this Painful? Minimal

Downtime: Minimal pain and redness for about 24 hours. Patient is advised to religiously apply sunblock on treated area and avoid prolonged sun exposure for a minimum of two weeks