Verzosa Aesthetic Clinic is the premiere destination for your beauty and wellness needs. Driven by her passion to provide only the best treatments for her patients, Dr. Kat Verzosa designed and founded her clinic with only one goal in mind: Customer Satisfaction.

Dr. Kat brings her extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise in creating a patient-focused approach to aesthetic care in the Philippine. Together with her is a team of professional beauty experts and licensed members of the Philippine Dermatological Society: Dr. Mary Margaret Alegre, Dr. Janelle Go, Dr. Hazel Hao, Dr. Maria Cristina Corazon Gonzalez, and Dr. Riza Milante.

Because when it comes to beauty & wellness, there’s only one name to remember from now on...

The brand is the name.
The name is the guarantee.
The guarantee is excellence and quality.


Verzosa Aesthetic Clinic aims to be the one name to remember when it comes to aesthetic care. Dr. Kat Verzosa, a practicing medical professional, saw an opportunity to create a place where patients can be assured of getting excellent and quality aesthetic care. That when it comes to beauty and wellness, clients should get the value they deserve.

The brand takes inspiration from the name of the founder herself,
Dr. Kat Verzosa.