IV Boost

Feel revvived and rejuvenated with our Intravenous (IV) supplement therapies that are Verified to be more effective and convenient that most IV treatments. 

Unlike other IV treatments, our Boosters are not mixed with water, which makes it more potent. They are also administered via injectable doses (instead of drips) to save time and to ensure instant efficacy. 

IV Slimming Booster 

What is it? IV booster that contains L-Carnitine, B12

Indication: Burning of fats, metabolism enhancer


IV Whitening Booster 

What is it? IV Booster that contains Vitamin C, Glutathione 

Indication: Skin whitening, boosts hair and skin health, revitalizes complexion, and detoxifies 


IV Energy Booster

What is it? IV Booster that Magnesium,B12, B Complex 21, and Vitamin C 

Indication: Chronic fatigue, maintain proper nerve and heart functions


IV Collagen Booster 

What is it? IV Booster that contains Vitamin C, Glutathione, Co-enzyme Q10, Placenta, and Selenium

Indication: Smoothen fine lines, fights signs of aging, restores collagen synthesis, enhance cellular turnover 


IV Immunity Booster 

What is it? IV Booster that contains vitamins and minerals 

Indication: Strengthens the immune system, fights off diseases 


Treatment Processs

1. The treatment area will be cleansed. 

2. The doctor will administer the IV Booster

3. Minimal pressure will be applied to the treated area after. 


Duration: 10 minutes 

Ideal Number of Sessions: Once a week

Is this Painful? Minimal to none

Downtime: None